Japanese Customs and Traditions (230 articles)

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    Japan's most famous customs and traditions with photos, videos, stories, background and historical information and travel tips

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  • Hina Matsuri Dolls and a travel tip
    Today in Japan takes place one of my favorite celebrations, Hina Matsuri - the Doll Festival. Today, the families with young daughters are displaying... read more »
    Good luck charms for the New Year, Daruma dolls
    One of the traditional activities around the New Year in Japan is the shopping for good luck charms and talismans. Regardless if you believe or not,... read more »
    Japanese traditions - Dashi parade, plus a travel tip
    Some of the best Japanese festivals (matsuri) are the dashi parades, processions of 3-level wooden floats, about 8 meters tall, lavishly ornate with...  read more »

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